Monday, March 22, 2010

Push Through It!

I was playing the drums the other night at the church.  Our worship team drummer has always wanted to learn how to play piano and I have always wanted to learn the drums, so we decided to trade talents and teach each other how to play.  The lessons are very informal, but they are working.  The more I play the drums the more respect I have for those who are good at have to get 3 and sometimes 4 of your limbs doing something different at the same time.  You never quite understand your nature until you come to a point where you have to go against it...and that is incredibly hard to do.  You are going against something that is ingrained in you from birth- you're telling your body to go against everything it knows.  The reason I am going through such detail about this is so that you can understand what I was up against the other night.  I have been working hard on a beat that is much more complex than your normal beat...two weeks now I have been struggling to get it down.  Time and time again I came up short and the beat would fall apart.  So this brings you pretty much up to speed on where I was as I was setting there with "Joe the drummer."  I was close, but still not there and I heard the voice of Joe behind me: "Push Through It" "Push Through It Bryan" "Push Through It Man."  With the voice of Joe behind me, I kept on and kept on through the beat.  Each time I started to stop and evaluate what was going on, the voice of Joe would be there telling me the same thing, "Push Through It."  Now was not the time to stop...I needed to keep going until I made it.  Finally, the beat came to me and I did it...and did it...and did it- over and over again until it became a part of me and felt good.  Now I will stop the story and go earlier in that was in the morning.  The day started off with a conference call that was everything but positive.  I am usually a pretty positive guy, but I felt like I couldn't shake it off this time- so I went to the bible for an uplifting word.  After reading a passage in Psalms, I prayed for a little while and asked God to go with me through my day.  I prayed for some inspiration maybe through a conversation or something.  After I left that drum session, the words "Push Through It" kept repeating in my head.  I thought about how many times I had lifted my voice to God saying, "This life is hard" and "God, I am weak."  The strong words were in the background, "Push Through it Bryan."  Life hurts sometimes, but the bible says that those who endure it will be rewarded.  We must be real and we must be honest, but we must also never forget that God is there to help us to "Push Through It."

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