Monday, February 1, 2010

I hope that never happens again!

I was in a house with a lady and there was a group of people there with us.  Her husband had a pretty big issue that really needed some prayer and so they chose me to do the honor.  We had been talking for a while, so I guess they knew what kind of person I was and that is why they wanted me to be the one who prayed for him.  They felt like my prayers might have a better chance at getting answered, since I was closer to God than they were.  I felt like I could do what they wanted me to do..after all...I do enjoy praying and I believe that prayers are answered every day.  Our family watched as many upon many prayers were answered with Kaydence along the way, so I know the impossible can happen through God's hands.  I wandered what the problem might be that a man would need prayer, so I was intrigued at what I might see when they brought him out to me.  When the man came out into the livingroom- where we were all setting there- I saw something I have never seen in all my life and probably will never see again...I hope!  The man was tall and had a set of old blue overalls on.  I could tell that he was a farmer back in the day- he just had that look about him.  The issue that he had was that he had no face.  I never did find out what had happened to him, but he was just skin to cover anything.  What I saw had taken my breath away, but I knew that the man needed some prayer, so I decided to go at it with the most confidence I could come up with.  The man's wife wanted us to stand in a circle as we prayed for her husband, so I was the lucky one who ended up holding his hand.  I didn't know what to pray, so I just started and let the words come to me as they came.  After just a few seconds into my prayer the man held up his hands in the air- which took mine with him and the next thing I knew...he took his right hand and started picking a wedgie out of my bottom.  As if that wasn't enough...he took that same hand and started rubbing my left bottom cheek.  Wake Up...Wake Up...Wake Up Bryan- I told myself.  When I came into conciousness, it was actually Hilary's knee that was rubbing against my left bottom cheek and I started laughing.  It was the middle of the night last night and after I told Hilary about the dream, we both sat there laughing pretty hard at what happened.  I still have one question that has been burning in my mind.  I understand what caused me to think the man was rubbing my bottom( Hilary's knee), but what about the wedgie?  Hilary has some explaining to do?

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