Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Everybody has a bad day from time to time!

Hilary and I got each other memorial gifts for our anniversary that just passed on Sunday.  As of January 24th, 2010 we have had 6 wonderful years together as husband and wife.  We have been through some interesting things in the years we have been married, but we have made it out alive and on the other side.  The memorial gifts were to remember Kaydence.  Hilary got a ring that has Kaydence's name and her birth stone on it and I got a leather wrist band with a metal piece in the middle.  The metal piece has "kaydence elizabeth" in the middle with four little raised metal pieces around the edge that say: "daddy's girl," "sissy," "John 9:1-3," and "little girl."  I am not one who usually wears wrist bands, but it is pretty cool looking.  I had one of those days today.  Just a little into my day, I really wanted to go back to bed and wake up again to redo it all.  I did make my normal Tuesday 7:00am conference call, but beyond that point, the rest of the day went down hill.  I was going to meet with another agent to go to a 10:00am appointment in the next town over...we had a complex relationship with this particular husband and wife, so we were going to each write up one of them on the same plan.  The conference call ended at 8:00am and that is the last I remember.  I looked down at my computer clock which showed 9:40am...I am real late at this moment for my 10:00am appointment.  Where that hour and 40 minutes went- I have no earthly clue.  On my way out the door, I was in a huge rush and my phone ended up flying away from me only to land on it's face.  It is an iphone, so the glass piece cracked extremely bad causing little pieces of glass to come crumbling off.  iphone's are not cheap, so I am going to be out a pretty big expense on this one.  I got all the way to my appointment only to realize that I had left my computer at the house, which is what I use to write people up on a plan.  In the almost 4 and a half years I have worked for my company, I have never left my computer at home.  I have been so incredibly distracted lately and hope that it gets better soon.  On my way home, I decided to stop by the gravesite of Kaydence for a short while.  As I was writing the post last night, I had tears in my eyes just thinking about how much joy she brought to my life while she was here with us.  I took a nice little walk last night after writing the post because I needed to spend some time walking with Jesus- this is somethng I did often when Kaydence was here with us and something I will probably continue to do now as well.  I find that taking a walk will calm me down and the time I spend talking with Jesus brings my focus back on Him where it needs to be.  I can picture Kaydence walking with Jesus in the streets of Heaven right now...I wish I was walking with them.  She gets to look at His face...she gets to hug Him...she gets to cry on His shoulder (tears of joy of coarse).  All the things I long for, but can't have until it is time for them to happen.  I was reading in my daily devotional by Charles Spurgeon that I got from the app store on my phone..."there's an app for that."  He was talking about the times of emptyness that you go through are preparing you for the fullness God is bringing you.  The low times are preparing you for the constant high times you are going to be brought into when the time is right.  I like what Mr. Spurgeon has to say there...it gives me comfort!

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