Sunday, January 3, 2010

Laughing is good!

If you will look at the new picture on this blog, you might see something that is very hard to explain. There was a game that my family was playing tonight called "Quelf" and it was fun. The game makes you do some pretty interesting things that you just might have to be there to understand. I try on a normal basis to laugh as much as I can, and even more so lately when our life has been everything but laughter. Hilary has been working on putting together a book of the journals off the Caringbridge site so that we can keep it and read it down the road. There is also word that you might be able to purchase a book if you wanted to. It will be a very nice hard back book with a beautiful picture of Kaydence on the front. The book title is "Kaydence Elizabeth" as told by Daddy. I am glad that Hilary has something to work on to keep her mind busy for a little while. She was the one who created and designed the Caringbridge site...I just got on each night and wrote the words. I think that Hilary has a gift of designing things and I am glad she is the one putting the book together. At church this morning, the pastor spoke about prayer and how it should be a simple thing to communicate with our Heavenly Father- the King of the Heavenly Kingdom. He spoke about times in your life when the only words you can say is, "You know" or "It hurts." I had one of those days on Wednesday while I was taking my morning shower. I had tears rolling down my face and as I looked up, the only words that came out of my mouth was, "IT HURTS!" I know that He already knew it, but I wanted to make sure that I told Him myself. Often times, I will be driving down the road talking to God as if He was right beside me in the car- I enjoy those times that I spend with Him and it is in those times that I feel like I have connected with Him on a personal level. It is a pretty incredible thing to connect with the Creator of the Universe...the King of Heaven...the Savior of the World. My phone reminds me on a daily basis of an old question I put on there a while back. "Can you see Him today? Are you looking outside yourself?" I would say a very big YES to the both of these questions because I feel like I have had no choice lately but to look outside of myself and see Him. May you see Him too!

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  1. Hope you guys are doing well today. You are in my thoughts and prayers.