Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Walking and talking with Jesus!

I have heard it said many times that if you want an answer to a burning question, the best thing you can do is fix your eyes on Jesus Christ.  I was out tonight walking, listening to music and talking to Jesus for a little while.  As I was doing so, a memory came to my mind from the past.  I told Hilary this story a little while back, but not anyone else because it was always close and personal to me.  As I was reflecting on this memory tonight, I felt like it was something I was supposed to share within tonight's writing, so I am being obedient.  I was in Kansas City at the time living off Holmes road if anyone has been there and knows where that is.  I was setting on the hood of my car in the parking lot of the Kansas City First Church of the Nazarene, where I went to church at the time.  There were often times when I would go off alone and think, which is something I like to do even now.  It was in one of those moments when I was alone in the parkinglot that I was looking up in the sky thinking about my personal walk with Jesus and how I saw my life...the way I was living out my life each day.  I got this deep sense in the pit of my soul that something real big was going to happen to me later on in my life.  I didn't know what it was going to be, but I knew that I was going to be used in some way to make a difference in people's lives.  I was never able to shake that feeling from my life from that point on.  Every now and then, I would go some distance without thinking about it and then it would come back into my thought process and almost take me off my feet.  It was over 5 years after Hilary and I were married that Kaydence came into our lives and turned it upside down, but in a good way.  This was what I had been waiting for and didn't know it until later when I kept hearing stories about the journal entries, or how people were watching us live our life of faith in front of them and how it was effecting their Spiritual journey in a good way.  The Spirit of God gave me a glimpse of what was to come later on in my life and it played out in reality later down the road.  Each time I feel a deep sense of something and I am given a special confidence to go along with it, I have to pay critical attention to it.  There are some very interesting things going on in this head of mine that have come about recently and maybe there will be future journals on them as they come a little closer and are more clear to me.  I believe our family has been called to a higher level Spiritually is getting exciting.  Please continue to wrap us in your love and prayers.

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