Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When God wants to meet with you- do it!

We never use that spot anymore- the place on the couch where Kaydence always was. She was always on the end cushion- right by the window in the living room. I don't know what the entire reasoning is, but I do know that it is an unconscious thing- why we don't set there. Maybe it is hard, knowing that she used to be there all of the time...so we can't bring ourselves to set there. Three nights ago- when I was setting right here at the dinner table- I was getting ready to go to bed and God gripped me by the heart and told me that He wanted to spend some time with me in prayer. Have you ever had one of those experiences before...the kind where God reaches out and knocks you over the head- so to speak? It was obvious to me that He wanted for me to talk to Him right then and there, so I went over to the couch and bowed down on the cushion- the one where Kaydence used to be. I didn't know what He wanted out of me, so I started my prayer with, "God...you know exactly what I need and why I am here right now. I have no earthly clue what I am doing here so I need your help." There was a dark spirit in our house at the time that was trying to tear down our family and I needed to stop everything I was doing and pray. God told me to get up from the couch after praying for a little while and rebuke Satan...tell him that he was not welcome in our house. You see...Satan gave it his best shot when Kaydence came our way. He thought that the outcome would be much different than it ended up being. God used Kaydence to do His will and we stayed close by as He was changing the world right in front of our eyes- which made us even closer to Him. This trap was designed to tear our family apart and break our trust in God, but it actually ended up making our family stronger and bringing us closer to God than we have ever been before. When I was praying out in the living room, it got really cold where I was at. I knew I was not alone out there and needed to keep praying until God told me to stop. After about 45 minutes in prayer, I went to bed with my ice cold body and feet- which I naturally rubbed up against Hilary to let her know what had just happened. There is a war going on right now between the forces of Good and Evil...we are involved in this war- even if we think we are not. I have been on the Kaydence cushion now the past 3 nights before I go to bed, and it has drawn me closer to God. That cushion is a special place for me to go and pray as Kaydence carried the presence of God everywhere she was. Thank you Kaydence for what you brought to us!

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