Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello anyone who may be reading this blog. Some of you may have followed our family on the Caringbridge site and some may not. I have been asked by many people to continue to write my thoughts and feelings so that if you want to you can read them. Our family has been through a pretty hard ordeal with our little girl who had been born with some health issues and recently passed away. Kaydence Elizabeth lived almost 11 months and blessed us deeply with her presence. Along this journey, I have discovered a deep love for writing...and as a matter of fact...found it to be a very healing thing to do. I never know what is going to come out of a journal, I just know it will be from the heart. There have been several lessons we have learned along the way during our time with Kaydence, and our family still continues to learn them along a normal basis. I chose the name "Humbly Growing" because "Flippin' boogers at my baby" was already taken. When you think about a spiritual type of a name, there are truly many of them already taken. Hilary, my wife, thought that the name contradicted itself since I am humbly putting "Humbly Growing" as the name of the blog...but as I stated before, "Flippin' boogers at my baby" was already taken. For everyone who did follow the Caringbridge site, this will be like a continuance of the types of things I wrote about there. We have appreciated every single one of your prayers on our family along the way and hope that you continue to do so as we continue in our family journey. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you deeply.


  1. Bryan, I'm so glad you're writing! And I think the blog title is quite fitting :)


  2. Hello Holmes family. I am a long time friend of Stephanie Williams and have been following your story from the begining and lifting you all up in prayer regularly. My husband and I live with our children in Clarksville Tn.
    i was glad you decided to continue writing. Writing can be very healing. Welcome to the world of blogging